I've been taking a long break from TS2... I'm ready to create something new (occasionally).

Just to remind... I fixed all the pictures here @ my FC2blog (and @ Plum Bob Keep) that Photobucket killed.

Have a nice day!!


Results of the poll voting (after ten days)

After ten days, the results of my CC-making poll are these:

So Japanese style CC is winning. I've already made some Japanese style clothing for Sims, and I will make some more in near future. And Japan-inspired Sim-model(s) will be posted too, so please keep following my blog. And, as my game is currently based on Historical Korea and China (Mongolian household included), I won't forget them too (as they also got some votes).

So, again, THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO VOTED! And thank you for inspiring me to make more of CC for TS2.


Reminder for body shape "RUNNER" and skintones

Just to mention!!!
Everyone who downloads my sims with skin named "on runner" (listed in CC picture list), also needs a mesh for that body shape. However, if you don't want to use custom body shape, you can grab only skin HERE (for Maxis body).
Thanks to my friend wawayaya, Runner meshes are HERE. (or @SFS)

Also, I don't know who made that skin, it's been on my old PC, for like 6-7 years, so...I'm thankful to that person.
If that person doesn't want to share that skin, I'll remove it.

Thanks to creators of both- shape and skintone!!!!!



Hi everyone!!!

I'm CC creator for The Sims 2

I like East Asian history and culture, Cats and drawing !

All my CC is free to download.

My other username is Mayadevi (@PlumBobKeep)

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