PSD file dump- part 1


I'm posting files for recoloring my meshes. If some is missing, it will be uploaded eventually, as I get them right.

This will make recoloring easier! Have fun! You can share everywhere, except on paysites and TSR. All can be edited and shared, but only FREE and please give credit (if you use my meshes).
If something is wrong, tell me, I'll fix it if I can.

Goryeo (Koryo) outfits: 1. no sword 2. with sword

Joseon (Choson) royal guard

Joseon (Choson) king

Chinese clothing ("Birds of China")

Sleepwear tunic

Simple Chinese outfit

Mongolian Deel version 2

Song general

Qin armor (Terracotta soldier)

Mongolian Deel for kids

Mongolian Traditional Outfit for AM

Mongolian Female clothing

Samurai outfit with hakama - two versions

Mongolian Deel v1

Ordinary Edokko AM

Korea Joseon (Choson) warrior

Play nice and have fun!!!!

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Hi everyone!!!

I'm CC creator for The Sims 2

I like East Asian history and culture, Cats and drawing !

All my CC is free to download.

My other username is Mayadevi (@PlumBobKeep)

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